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Rigid Lenses: Are You a Candidate?

  Although soft contact lenses are most common, a second, less familiar type of contact lens materials exists: gas permeable (GP) contact lenses, sometimes referred to oxygen permeable lenses. In reality, RGP lenses are a more modern technology than soft lenses, and they last longer, offer finer vision quality, and...

A Guide to Preventing the Effects of Eye Allergies

If you are experiencing red eyes, itchy eyes or watery eyes you may be suffering from spring eye allergies. For some, March begins pollen season, which means uncomfortable symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes, stinging, burning and watery eyes. Spring eye allergies are largely due to an influx of...

Reasons You Should Stop and Think About Purchasing Glasses Online

In today's world, where a growing number of consumers are used to shopping for more and more products through the Internet, eyeglasses are an item that you are better off purchasing in person. Why? Although you may encounter cheaper prices on e-commerce sites, the benefits of going to an optical...

Dry Eye Syndrome Getting You Down? Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Protected This Winter

Although many people refer to winter as the rainy season because of the rain and snow, the air is actually more dry during the colder months, which often causes your eyes to be more sensitive. Our eye care staff is available to assist you in selecting the most effective options...

This February Be Aware About Age-related Macular Degeneration and Low Vision

This month is dedicated to creating awareness of macular degeneration (AMD) and low vision. AMD is the leading cause of visual impairment for senior citizens. AMD often leads to low vision, a term optometrists use to categorize substantial visual impairment that cannot be helped by standard measures such as regular...

It’s National Glaucoma Awareness Month

To increase awareness about the ''silent blinding diseases,'' this month has been declared National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is the second leading source of blindness, accounting for 9%-12% of all cases of total vision loss in the United States and effecting nearly 70 million people worldwide. Since glaucoma has no...

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