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Have You Had a Comprehensive Eye Exam Recently?

For those of us blessed with healthy eyes, it's easy to forget about the importance of a routine eye test. However, timely diagnosis of any eye or vision problems is necessary to keeping your eyes healthy. This can easily be done with a simple eye exam. A significant number of...

10 Steps to Healthy Eyes This Summer

Now that summer has officially arrived it’s time to safeguard your eyes from summertime hazards. Here are some tips to remain safe in the sun: Only wear sunglasses that have proper protection from UV rays. If your sunglasses don’t protect against 100% of UV rays, they may be resulting in...

Protective Eyewear for Kids

Research shows that eye injuries account for 40,000 trips to the emergency room annually. This is equal to an injury every 780 seconds! Eye Care experts agree that the vast majority of the reported damage could be simply prevented by wearing protective eyewear. The majority of eye damaging accidents take...

The Facts About the Eye Health Benefits of Eating Carrots

Are carrots good for your vision? While eye doctors affirm that the orange root vegetables are made up of large quantities of a vitamin which is known to be very good for your eyes, eating large amounts of carrots will not eliminate your need for corrective eye wear. Beta-carotene is...

Are You Aware of the Dangers of UV to Your Eyes?

  As a result of ongoing education to create awareness of the threats of Ultraviolet (UV) light to your skin, (which include sunburn and skin cancer), most are familiar with the importance of applying sunblock and using other forms of sun protection particularly during the blazing summer months. But did...

A Guide to Caring for Contact Lenses

  Contact lenses need careful treatment and care to be considered a safe and feasible option for those selecting corrective eye wear. Improper care can lead to damaged lenses, or even worse, eye infections or scratches, which on occasion results in vision loss. Children and adults that are not responsible...

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