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All About Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). Treatment in Escondido, CA

Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye is a deficiency in adequate vision development due to the inability of the eyes to work in unison. In the majority of cases of lazy eye the eyes themselves are usually in good health yet the condition is not correctable by just the use...

Escondido, CA Eye Exams: What Does 20/20 Eyesight Really Mean?

  Have you ever wondered what 20/20 vision truly represents? 20/20 vision is a term used to describe normal visual acuity or clarity of vision. That is to say that an individual with such visual acuity will be able to clearly see an object at a distance of 20 feet...

Autumn Ocular Allergy Treatment in Escondido, CA

  While seasonal allergies are more frequently associated with the spring, just as many people suffer during the autumn as well. In addition to sneezing and congestion, symptoms that affect the eyes can severely impair one's ability to go about one's normal functions. Symptoms of eye allergies include tearing, itchiness,...

This Halloween Watch Out for Special Effect Lenses

  With the autumn comes Halloween and with that, costumes. As a consumer, you want to know of some threats to your eyes and vision that could put a damper on the fun and games. A popular costume addition as of late has been decorative contact lenses and this is...

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Escondido, CA

    According to the American Optometric Association above 70 percent of the American citizens that work daily from a computer (about 143 million ) experience computer vision syndrome (CVS) or eye fatigue. Prolonged periods of working in front of the computer can result in eye strain and effect eyesight...

September is Home and Sports Eye Safety Month

  As September marks Home and Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to focus on ways to keep your house eye safe specifically when purchasing toys that are safe for your child's eyes. Don't wait until it's too late to guarantee your home environment doesn't pose any series dangers to...

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