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Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Recieve Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation In Escondido

People who have suffered a stroke or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will potentially have many serious and significant vision, balance and perceptual problems. Most will never have their visual problems diagnosed and treated because the damage to the visual system is quiet often overlooked and poorely understood . Only developmental optometrist trained in neuro-optometry have the knowledge and experience to handle the vision problems of these patients.

There can be double vision, focusing problems, difficulty reading, glare, balance difficulties, memory and many other problems. Every person who has had a stroke or a TBI should have a neuro-optmometric evaluation as this will work towards speeding up their rehabilitation therapy and recovery. Poor reading ability will make rehabilitation much slower. These symptoms often will not be noticed by the rehabilitation therapists or neurologist and can only be detected by a doctor trained in neuro-optometry. Some eye care patients may never be independent again because of their undiagnosed vision problems.

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