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Sports Vision Therapy

Are You An Athlete?

Whether you play baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, or any other sport, you need excellent visual skills to excel. Improving your visual skills can help a hockey player track a moving puck against the ice or a football player see opponents approaching from the side and avoid a collision.

Why is Sports Vision Therapy Important?

Visually demanding sports require athletes to have outstanding visual skills. Actually, this is true for all sports, where the ability to concentrate, respond and move quickly can mean the difference between winning and losing, as well as avoiding injury.

In Sports, Approximately 80% of Perceptual Input Is Visual

Sports vision training is a personalized program of exercises that helps an athlete improve the communication between their eyes and brain by enhancing the visual skills required for success in their sport. Some of these skills include focusing, eye-tracking, peripheral awareness, visual reaction time, dynamic visual acuity and hand-eye-body coordination.

Sports vision training sharpens these skills through a series of specific vision exercises and activities. A sports vision training program utilizes specialized equipment under the guidance of an optometrist. The results allow an athlete to maximize their sports performance.

Sports vision training programs are used to improve skills, including:

  • Accommodation (eye focusing)
  • Binocular vision
  • Depth perception
  • Body-hand-eye coordination
  • Scanning and tracking
  • Visual attention & processing
  • Visual memory
  • Visual reaction speed

Improve Athletic Performance | FAQ

Can Sports Vision Training Improve My Game?

Yes, sports vision training will help you improve your efficiency and reaction time on the court or field. It enhances eye-brain coordination and improves depth perception, visual processing and other aspects of an athlete’s vision.

Who Can Benefit From Sports Vision Training?

It’s suitable for just about anyone who steps onto a court or a sports field, whether amateur or professional athletes of all ages. Whether you play baseball or hockey, ski or drive race cars, sports vision training is suitable for any athlete who wants to take their performance to the next level.

Contact Dr. Karen Love to optimize and enhance your visual skills so you can become the athlete you know you can be!

Our practice serves patients from Escondido, San Marcos, North County, and San Diego, California and surrounding communities.
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Sports Vision Training Improves Sports Performance

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