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Protective Eyewear for Kids

Research shows that eye injuries account for 40,000 trips to the emergency room annually. This is equal to an injury every 780 seconds! Eye Care experts agree that the vast majority of the reported damage could be simply prevented by wearing protective eyewear. The majority of eye damaging accidents take place when playing sports or during household chores. Kids are especially at risk for eye traumas, which frequently occur during active play.

If you have children who are involved in physical recreational activities, it is advised that they use protective glasses while on the field. You can encourage your kids by investing in a pair of new wraparound safety glasses for yourself that you use when playing sports or using dangerous equipment. Insist your kids follow your example. Additionally, let your kids choose protective eyewear in the fashion they like.

In order to purchase safety glasses wisely, speak to a qualified optometrist for advice. Our professionals are happy to assist you in buying the best pair of protective eyewear for your child, based on your child's particular needs. If your child wears glasses, safety glasses can be purchased with prescription lenses from your eye care provider. Look into trivex or polycarbonate lenses if your child plays heavy duty sports. Not only are they more shatter-proof, but also lighter than standard lenses, which offers greater comfort.

Take your time when buying a pair of protective goggles. It's worth it when it comes to safeguarding your child's vision!