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Nutrition, Vision and Diabetes


Yesterday my patient Oscar came in for his appointment for glaucoma and I asked him how he was doing with his diabetes. His blood sugar usually fluctuated wildly and this tends to make patients more susceptible to bleeding in the retina from the diabetes and can cause vision loss.
Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness so I had prescribed a pharmaceutical grade supplement for him a few months earlier that supplies the proper nutrients to his body for diabetes, thus helping the body to heal and control the blood sugar better. Oscar told me that his blood sugar was usually over 400 and within the first two week of taking the supplement it had dropped to below 200 and within four weeks it was in the normal range with very little fluctuation.He also uses less insulin . He was so happy that he told his brother who is also diabetic and he came in to get some of the supplements for himself. His primary care physician became suspicious and asked him what he was doing that made his diabetes so well controlled.
Most diseases have a nutritional deficiency component  associated with them. Unfortunately few doctors understand nutrition well enough to help their patents and over 80% of all supplements are synthetic or not absorbable , therefore worthless. Some may actually contribute to disease like fibromyalgia.
One cannot have superior health without supplements and over time the nutritional deficiencies will show up as disease.