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New Technology


We have some new advances in Orthokeratology that helps to correct more types of vision problems. Orthokeratology was originally only for people that are nearsighted or who have astigmatism. The contact lenses are only worn at bedtime and while you sleep they gently reshape and mold the corneas to a shape that allows for clear vision after the lenses are removed. Vision is clear for at least twenty four hours. For nearsighted people, doing orthokeratology stops the progression of the nearsightedness and stabilizes the eyes so that they do not get worse. This is the best form of vision correction for children when they become nearsighted.
We now can also correct people who are farsighted and also people that require reading glasses.So people that wear bifocals or progressive addition lenses can be corrected  and get through their day without any glasses or contact lenses.
Orthokeratology is a safe non-invasive procedure and totally reversible unlike LASIK. This is a highly specializes form of contact lens correction so only a few practitioners have the training to do it. Of this small number of doctors only a very few  have the training to do it for people who need reading glasses and who are farsighted.
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