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How Vision Can Effect Your Child’s Learning


Each week it seems like I always have a few new patients that have vision problems that have gone undiagnosed by other doctors. This could be decades for adults and years for children of suffering with undiagnosed vision problems. This does not surprise me because only about five percent of eye doctors practice developmental optometry.Only developmental optometrist have the training to detect and treat these hidden vision problems.
Some common symptoms are:
  • losing your place when reading
  • homework taking much longer than it should to complete
  • attention problems mimicking ADD/ADHD
  • feeling sleepy after twenty minutes of reading
  • avoiding reading
  • doing poorly in school
  • working below one's potential
Children should not be treated as little adults because they are not and they need a special type of eye examination. All children should have their eyes examined by a developmental optometrist and not a regular optometrist, ophthalmologist or pediatric ophthalmologist if these vision problems are to be detected and diagnosed. All children should have their eyes examined each year to give them a chance to avoid conditions like nearsightedness and astigmatism. Unfortunately parents usual bring  their children in after their vision is blurred and had I seen them a year earlier we could have stopped the decrease  in their sight.
The American Optometric Association recommends that children should have their first eye examination at one, three and five years old and yearly subsequently.
Please do not take your children vision for granted. Eighty percent of learning occurs thru vision.