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Wave Contact Lenses

Get Wave Contact Lenses From The Escondido Optometrist

Your eyes are unique to you and just like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two sets of eyes are alike. That’s why corneal “fingerprints”are used for high security clearance. This is especially true for the cornea, the clear tissue where a contact lens sits. Each cornea has its own distinct shape and texture, so for proper fitting your contact lens should mirror the cornea.

We’re a trained Wave Provider offering these contact lenses that are custom designed from your corneal “fingerprint”. Wave’s exclusive technology digitally maps your cornea which we use to create a custom lens that follows almost every tiny shape on your cornea. There may be as many as ten distinct curves on the back of the lens. With so many curves, Wave lenses offer unrivaled comfort and sharper optics.

Escondido Premier Eyecare is experienced in fitting Wave contact lenses. See the video below about the product.

Many unsuccessful contact lens wearers are successful Wave lens users including:

  • Patients requiring correction of near or distance vision
  • Astigmatism
  • Combined reading and distance vision
  • Keratoconus
  • Post surgical corrections
  • Orthokeratology lenses, a gentle, reversible, non-surgical vision correction procedure

Wave’s Custom Designed Lenses differ greatly from plain “mass produced” lenses. Our optometrist, Dr. Rose will specify the lens diameter and thickness for comfort and adjust the position of the optics for best visual performance. In all there are twenty-six different adjustments, offering infinite design possibilities.

Dr. Rose comments: “Wave Contact Lenses are custom designed contact lenses that match the shape of your cornea. They’re the most unique contact lines that you can buy as each pair is specifically customized for your vision health. We’re one of the only practices in So. California to carry them and we believe that Wave contact lenses can make a real difference for our patients eye health. Sometimes it’s the only contact lens that will work for a patient’s particular needs. We can fit even those patients who have been told that they can’t wear contact lenses, but with Wave Contact Lenses we can really improve their quality of life”.

We even carry Air Optix Color contact lenses! Ask your Escondido and San Marcos eye doctor for more information!