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LASIK Escondido, CA

Come In To Escondido Premier Eyecare for Complete LASIK Care

Escondido Premier Eyecare is committed to quality patient care. As a result, we work with the finest lasik surgeons. Our role in the process is the following:

  • Educate you about laser vision correction and other vision correction alternatives
  • Perform your pre-procedure testing and evaluation
  • Provide the LASIK surgeon with your eye history, clinical findings and target prescription
  • Provide your post-procedure follow-up care and regularly communicate with the surgeon on your progress
  • Monitor the health of your eyes at your annual comprehensive eye examination

To find out more about laser vision correction, or to determine if you are a candidate, please contact our Escondido eye doctor office to schedule an appointment.

If you or a loved one is color blind, your Escondido eye doctor can help! If you live in Escondido, CA book an eye exam today with Dr. Love at Escondido Premier Eyecare.