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Dry Eye Care in Escondido CA

Dry Eye Treatment for San Marcos and Escondido

The eyes are primarily lubricated by tears produced by tear glands located in your upper eyelids. Natural tears make your eyes feel cool, comfortable, refreshed and help prevent infection of your eye and eyelids.

Health conditions, the environment and the aging process may affect the tear producing glands. As a result, the amount and quality of tears can be altered, creating an unhealthy tear film for the eye surface. Symptoms of dry, red, itchy, burning, watery eyes, and irritation are the most common medical reasons people visit their eye doctor.

Dry eye suffers in the Escondido area can use eye drops bases on specific symptom levels and the time of the day they need relief. In addition to regular use for dry eye, drops can be used to alleviate dryness related to contact lens wear and dryness following eye surgery. In addition to these artificial tears, prescription eye drops and nutritional supplements are extremely effective in reducing patient symptoms.

Ask us about which treatments for dry eye will work best for your condition and symptoms. We serve patients from Escondido and San Marcos.

How Can Your Eye Doctor Treat Dry Eye & Blepharitis?

BlephEx machine for treating blepharitis

Learn About the NEW TREATMENT – BlephEx®

Over 50% of all patients suffer from some type of dry eye and blepharitis symptoms. BlephEx® is a new, in-office procedure that allows your doctor to take an active role in treating dry eye and blepharitis. BlephEx® removes excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins, the main causes of inflammatory dry eye and lid disease. With regular treatments, patients finally enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with dry eye and blepharitis.



LipiFlow: Dry Eye Treatment

LipiFlow, by Johnson & Johnson Vision, is a Thermal Pulsation System that improves the function of meibomian glands. FDA-approved, safe and totally drug-free, it consists of a console and a single-use sterile Activator tool. Through gentle massage and heat, LipiFlow can enhance the quality of meibomian gland secretions. Eye doctors around the world are equipping their eye care clinics with this breakthrough technology to treat dry eye.

How does LipiFlow work?

Your eye doctor will begin by inserting numbing eye drops to ensure patient comfort. LipiFlow’s contoured eyepiece will then be placed gently over your cornea, vaulting over your eye’s surface in order to protect the delicate ocular structure. LipiFlow applies therapeutic heat and peristaltic energy pressure, with numerous sensors that regulate the temperature and pressure pulses. The combination of massage and heat works to expel any meibomian gland obstructions. The entire in-office procedure takes about 12 minutes.