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Developmental Optometric Care

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Developmental vision care is also known as Behavioral Vision Care. Developmental optometrists take a holistic approach to vision care. You are treated as a whole person and your visual problems as a part of your whole system. We work with you rather than doing something to you.

At Escondido Premier Eyecare, you and your children will receive help in developing the important visual skills that you may need to reach academic and professional goals. Even the visual achievement of successful learners and earners can be enhanced through developmental optometric care. This is accomplished with the use of carefully selected stress-relieving and preventive lenses, therapeutic lenses and visual training.

For More Information about Developmental, Optometric Care Call Dr. Karen E. Love at Escondido Premier Eyecare at (760) 743-6540. Proudly serving San Marcos too!

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    A specialized program of eye exercise, similar in concept to Occupational Therapy is a successful alternative to surgery in children.