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Bifocal Contact Lenses


I have been designing bifocal contact lenses for about twenty years. Most patients are unaware that they exist. These are all custom lenses and that is why they work so well. Most doctors  "fit" soft lenses. I like to say that soft lenses give soft vision and so patients do not like the blurred vision that they get from soft bifocal contact lenses. The custom lenses that I design are gas permeable lenses that are very comfortable and provide sharper acuity than soft lenses or glasses.  These are a true bifocal that provide sharp distant vision and sharp near vision in each lens.
They're not like glasses in that there is no line and they're like your normal vision would be if glasses were not needed. Wherever you look it will be clear and there's no need for head adjustment like with glasses.  Most doctors fit what is called "monovision" which is having one eye see distance and one eye see up close. This is a very unnatural way to function and most people are not able to tolerate it. It creates poor depth perception, dizziness, blurry vision and very poor night vision. The eyes were meant to work together and not separately.
The technology that I use to design the lenses is truly cutting edge for contact lenses. There are about two hundred practitioners in the country that use this technology.
It has a very steep learning curve so most doctors shy away from it and stick with the simpler monovision technique. I first map out fourteen thousand points on the cornea and then design the lens to fit the fourteen thousand points. No two corneas are ever the same and are just like individual fingerprints.So every lens is a custom design  only suitable for that patient.They are wonderful lenses and all the patients are usually very happy with them.