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10 Steps to Healthy Eyes This Summer

Now that summer has officially arrived it’s time to safeguard your eyes from summertime hazards.

Here are some tips to remain safe in the sun:

  1. Only wear sunglasses that have proper protection from UV rays. If your sunglasses don’t protect against 100% of UV rays, they may be resulting in more harm than benefit.  Don’t worry, 100% UV protection doesn’t have to cost more – a number of more affordable products offer complete UV protection.

  2. Sport larger sunglasses. When choosing UV defense, the larger the better. Try to opt for sunglasses with wraparound frames and wide lenses.

  3. Wear a broad protective hat or visor. A hat with a wide brim will deflect the sun before it gets to your eyes.

  4. Wear sunglasses on cloudy days. Even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, UV rays are still able to peek through the clouds and harm your eyes. Even when the sun is hiding, it’s important to stay protected.

  5. Have a second pair. You never know when your glasses will get lost or broken. Better to be safe than sorry.

  6. Drink enough. It’s important to keep your eyes hydrated. Consume at least 8 cups of water each day to prevent dehydrated eyes and skin.

  7. Avoid the afternoon sun. Stay inside when possible particularly between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm when the sun is at its strongest and the highest levels of UV are in the atmosphere.

  8. Consider purchasing polarized lenses. Since they reduce glare from reflective surfaces, polarized lenses are great for water-based activities and driving.

  9. When participating in outdoor activities such as riding a motorcycle, watching fireworks or hiking, make sure you protect your eyes as necessary to avoid injury.

  10. Be careful with sunscreen. When applied near the eyes there is a chance it will enter the eye and cause discomfort.